to market, to market

A few days ago, I made a brief excursion to the Chelsea Market. The visit did have an official reason for occurring; I was supposed to interview for a job at a gelateria, but the boyfriend was visiting and exhausted so we decided to leave earlier than planned. But not before I got a couple pictures.

A wishing well

Today, among other errands, I made it to the Union Square farmer's market. Mostly, I was in pursuit of one vendor in particular, Deep Mountian Maple, a Vermont maple company that only comes Fridays and Saturdays to the market. After purchasing some other items, I bought some maple sugar candy from them just before a ridiculous thunderstorm began.

So freaking amazing

Yes, I'm a sellout for buying Starbucks coffee... oops.

Tomorrow's breakfast...
... along with some fresh strawberries.
I love shopping in farmer's markets. It feels really nice to meet the people who were directly involved in the production of the food you are buying. And it helps that I can't wait to make some fresh strawberry jam with the numerous strawberries that were procured.

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