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As previously mentioned here, I have been coveting a few things as of late. Yesterday, I wandered around Manhattan quite a bit, both applying for jobs and doing a little shopping. One of the things I happened to purchase was a new Castor and Pollux wallet in the brown leather. I also had a nice chat with the owner, who was happy to hear I had stumbled upon her shop after reading a Refinery29 feature on her apartment. 

 In all it's glory

 It's so satisfyingly organized

The packaging almost made me want to keep it wrapped... almost.
My last adventure of the day (besides some candlelit yoga), was to the Layfayette St store of In God We Trust, where I purchased a necklace for myself, along with a couple presents. I had a reserve from Refinery29 (love them!) and was able to really maximize my cash dollahs. The woman was really friendly there as well (maybe because I was a purchaser not a looker?) but either way, I appreciated it. Below is the one I purchased for myself, saying "bless this mess."

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