simple days and nights

What this picture doesn't capture is everyone else using their fancy camera phones as well.
Sometimes, it's nice to forget about lugging around a big camera and just enjoy the passing time without capturing any long lasting memories. This was the self imposed ruled I employed this weekend and it felt great. However, my umbilical cord wasn't quite cut on Saturday, so I used my Hipstamatic app to capture a simple afternoon in Washington Square Park. I gradually arrived there after striking out at a Tory Burch sample sale and finding I lacked the patience that day to peruse the aisles of a Goodwill store. So, having finally procured a copy of the Village Voice (I had been checking those damn red boxes for days only to wind up empty handed), I settled in the park to enjoy the lunch I had packed in my bag.

I came home after a lovely couple hours watching all the activities swirling around me as well as soaking up a street fair that went on for several blocks. After flopping in my bed, I read and had a photoshoot with Curtis, checking out various settings with the Hipstamatic. For everyone's sake, I'll only post one of these. 

Today's activities, although they no doubt warranted picture perfect moments, went undocumented. After a restful morning and afternoon, I met my oldest friend (in terms of years of friendship, not actual age) for dinner and a movie. We ate at Gusto, where we downed a half-priced (!!) bottle of wine before meeting a couple of her friends at the Angelika Theater to see Woody Allen's newest film. Midnight in Paris is one of those movies that effortlessly showcases an affair with a city without letting this love outshine the plot of the film. I wasn't sure what to expect and was a bit apprehensive if I'd like the film I'd paid $13 (really, NYC?) for. Being unexpectedly swept away by it helped shape a perfect evening. And that is something only captured by a feeling, not an image.

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