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For the past week, I've been having fun playing with my new toy, a Canon t2i. (Shout out to my mother for a rockin grad gift!) As I'm relearning SLR on a digital camera, some nice shots have come from lots of playing the last few days.

The sleeves of some new, much needed, "grown up" clothes.

A gifted ballerina piggy bank wearing vintage sunnies.

Some much needed morning fuel in a favorite mug.

Multiple inspirations on a DIY corkboard.

Besides photographing mostly inanimate objects, I've been devoting hours to online clicking. Yes, hours upon hours, sadly. Consequently, I have begun to covet a few things. 

Elizabeth and James blouse

This beautiful Castor & Pollux Wallet

And who could resist this sweet Papillion rescue?

Of course, I'll have to because I'm broke and moving to NYC in less than 36 hours. Reality bites, but a girl can dream right?

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