Despite the fact that I'm living in Brooklyn, I haven't taken the opportunity to explore it too much thus far. Yesterday, I was able to change that when I made plans to meet up with a friend near Prospect Park. We caught up on our walk into the picnic area of the park, filling each other in on the happenings since graduation. He wanted to meet some people, some who I knew and a few who I didn't, for a pre-birthday celebration in the park. I stayed for a bit because it was so beautiful, but left early so I could decompress before work. However, before hoping on the train, I took some time to take some pictures of the park, the neighborhood and the farmer's market that I stumbled upon on the way. 
Ready for some BBQ

Flowers at the market
Some people taking a break from their outing in the park
Flowers I bought to add to my room's decor.
Other news of note: I found a job. It was mostly a fluke, really. I had been desperately applying to place after place and was starting to think maybe I could sell some of my eggs to make a quick buck, but a posting on Craigslist proved to be serendipitous. I found an ad for a server in a place on the LES and made the trek last Sunday to interview for the position. My interviewer was super nice and after a brief chat told me that she needed someone with barista experience; however, would I mind if she passed along my name to their sister restaurant up the street? Of course I didn't mind! Several days passed and I was hoping she hadn't forgotten to do so. On Wednesday, I got a call and we agreed that I would come in the next day. I started training the very first day! I cannot believe my luck; the manager hired me without an interview or references and with basically no experience in the restaurant business. It's been busy busy busy the last few days with all the training, but now that I have the routine down, I'll keep up with the posting. 

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