rainy day baking

 Yesterday, after days of ridiculously high temperatures, the heat finally broke with the aid of some summer rain. I couldn't believe it, but I was actually cold; both in my apartment and outside. Not uncomfortably so, but it was a nice change that needn't seek out air conditioning. It also meant I could finally make the cookies I'd been holding off on until using an oven wasn't suicide as it would've been in 100+ weather and no air conditioning.


Using the recipe in Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey (found online here), I made a favorite cookie recipe. I think part of what makes them so delectable is the use of dark brown sugar. Its so much richer than using simply granulated sugar or the more often used light brown in a recipe. Paired with some milk when they're fresh out of the oven, they are a perfect comfort food anytime I'm feeling a little homesick.



Acting on whim I've had for a while, part of my day was spent making friendship bracelets. Remember those? Well, they've suddenly made an appearance in high fashion. Not wanting to actually buy one of these ridiculously priced bracelets, I decided to buy some embroidery string and whip out a few of my own. Using this tutorial to brush up on my skills, I worked on these new accessories while I watched 24. When I get the chance to get the materials, I think I'll make some fancier ones.


If you don't have a ruler handy, this may be helpful: an online ruler

1. via Jak & Jil 
the rest are my own.


friday faves

[Credit for Images]
1. Valentino via {this is glamorous}
2. Chiseled Wedges via Anthropologie 
3. Vintage rings via Love, Adorned 
4. Color blocking trend on hair via Hair Romance
5. Sheer back lace shirt via Minxshop


stay or go

In lieu of a more substantial post, I am hoping to get some help deciding whether or not to keep these shoes. I bought them for a specific occasion and didn't wear them, so I am now undergoing an existential crisis of justifying keeping them. any advice would be great.


bastille celebrations

only 10 days separate the french independence day from our own. july 14 is bastille day, but i enjoyed francophile activities yesterday at a fair spanning a few avenues on 60th street. i could not help but take copious amounts of pictures as we meandered through the crush of people. 

so happy i caught this guy in a moment of genuine laughter
making our (and many others!) crepes

time for a macaroon

my in god we trust necklace, last seen here


scenes from a farmer's market

my new shopping bag full of purchases

 i love my solitary time spent shopping the farmer's markets around the city. it's always enjoyable to browse and take pictures, observing the people as much as the stalls. i don't know if i'll ever get over the novelty of it.


playing with puppies

 On the fourth, I got to play with three adorable dogs that my boyfriend's family is taking care of. It was fantastic to get some puppy time, as much as I love having Curtis around. Although this is delayed, hope everyone had a happy 4th!


friday faves

Some things that are making me happy lately include getting packages, the sunshine, my new job and working dance back into my schedule. Also, my obsession with farmer's markets continue. Today, there was one set up near the R train station by City Hall. I was going to class nearby and was happy to discover this little gem because I won't make it to Union Square (for my maple candy) until tomorrow.

finally arrived after scaring the USPS when the alarm inside went off. sorry USPS!

a new summer bag from sirene

finally used my beauty insider points to get a special 500 pt reward. thanks, sephora!

a mexican coke... yum!