food parade

Farmer's market breakfast.
While the following post is a glorified collection of food pictures, I cannot think of something more perfect to celebrate. Food is our sustenance and we only live once, so why make it a habit to have a complicated relationship with food? I figure we have plenty complicated relationships with people, so may as well enjoy something like food. Ok, done with the preachy part... feast your eyes!

And then I decided to make jam.  

I had been putting off this endeavor for several days. But as you saw here, I purchased quite a few strawberries at the Union Square farmer's market with the intention of making jam. I put it off because I couldn't find the lemon the recipe called for in any pagoda and was too lazy to actually go to a grocery store. However, I stumbled upon a couple of limes this evening and figured that applying a citrus principle, things would be just fine. Using this recipe, I made my first foray into the art of preserves. And I think it turned out quite well. 

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