the twitter account @shitgirlssay is absolutely brilliant and now it appears that its creators have started a youtube series, the first of which went live yesterday. i can't stop watching it:

i'm also loving the juliette lewis makes a cameo.


happy friday

happy friday! i don't know if anyone is a fan of dance, but if you are i'm going to put in a plug for the company i've been working for. if you're in nyc, consider buying tickets or you could watch the performance tonight (for free!) from the comfort of your living room by clicking here.

i'm going to be working quite a bit, as i do every weekend, but i'm hoping to get in some 'me' time as well. plus find time to do christmas shopping...what are your plans this weekend?


weekend snapshots

a visit and a theme party
birthday cake time
time spent with friends
before the work week encroaches again

sorry this is a bit late, just got caught up in the visit and celebrating my big 2-3.


animal crackers

oh the holidays. i can't believe it's already december 1st, meaning that it's time to start thinking of presents that don't break the bank on my limited budget. with that in mind, i've been perusing different places looking for reasonable gifts. i've noticed an animal theme, so this little gift guide is a list of gifts for those in your life that are lovers of a. all things kitschy quirky and
b. cartoon versions of animals.


4. Nelson Red Heel Socks for a DIY Sock Monkey, $5-26 
(depends if you go for vintage socks)