friday faves

Although I have been immensely enjoying the portability of my Kindle on the subway, I can't help it but purchase books whenever I venture into a bookstore. Upon arriving in Connecticut on Wednesday, and with some time to kill, my friend and I stopped in a Barnes and Nobles, where I stumbled upon two seemingly fantastic books that I couldn't resist buying. Let's hope they hold up to expectations.

Comedy and life skills

Other fun things this week included finding a father's day present as well as a catchall for my keys. Not to mention, keeping my eyes out for some more grownup pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Yup, I like the way this turned out.

Found at Modern Anthology, it's supposed to be a soap dish.

But I saw it as a perfect nesting space for my keys and any other odds and ends.

Double layer silk tank from JF and Sons

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