dinner with a friend

Tonight I joined a friend for dinner near her apartment in the east village. We were planning on going to Caracas, a fantastic Venezuelan place, but the wait was a whopping 45 minutes, so we moved down the block to the 7A diner. Open 24 hours, it is fantastic at any time. Seriously, I've had their key lime on a previous visit and it is the one of the best I've ever had. This evening was the first time I've been for an actual meal and it did not disappoint in the least.

mojitos... yum.
well buttered corn on the cob
We finished with some cupcakes from Butter Lane. No picture was captured to document that portion of the meal, but I had my old standby of maple pecan frosting paired with vanilla cake. As it was my first check-in on foursquare, I also got to try a free frosting shot. Normally one dollar, it's just as it sounds: a little cup of frosting. I tried the cinnamon honey. Quite good, but I don't think I'd pay a dollar for one. However, it was the cupcake that provided the perfect ending to the evening.

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