dreamy finds

I moved into my new apartment last week about two weeks ago but have yet to really update the room and make it my own. I keep looking at the before and after photos on design*sponge and daydreaming about how certain things are going to transform this room. First of the new purchases is a full size mattress and box spring. Currently I'm sleeping on the bed my friend left behind, but I think I'm ready for an upgrade. Even if it means filling most of the room with bed.

I'm imagining a very bohemian bedroom retreat complete with soft lighting, piles of pillows and a beautiful white canopy. Or perhaps no canopy but gauzy lace curtains tied back with a deep pink velvet ribbon. I'm watching some things on eBay. It's all happening.



diana f+ in da house.

 last thursday, I got home from a long day in which I interned and then hostessed back to back. When  I got home, I had a package waiting. A series of gifts from my boyfriend for our one year. Apparently he took the hint that I've been lusting after the Diana for a while now and purchased the body as well as the flash for me. Got the first batch of photos back today... got some great shots, but could use a bit of improvement. I am also happy I just have the basics right now. Letting go of control and learning how to trust myself will be enough right now. As much as I love my Canon, I'm excited to be back to the analog world.

 By the way, besides those first two, the rest of them were taken with Diana.


it's been a while

Between fleeing the city to escape Irene, searching for a new job and spending labor day weekend with my sister, things have been a bit hectic. I'm back to regularly scheduled programming though. These are a few pics from my last couple weeks.