new digs

On Saturday, I moved into my new digs for the time being. In terms of decorating, the place is 50-50; the wall color is pretty and the room is decently sized. However, red plastic floors are bit hideous, not going to lie. The owner of the room has tried to tie in the red theme with some red accents in the room, but it doesn't seem quite right to me.

first glimpse of the floors...

 annnnd the bed. which is quite comfortable btw.
The floors run throughout the apartment and I'm finding it hard to get over. But I did learn from HGTV that they are virtually indestructible, so although I find them an eye sore, I can forgive the landlord for minimizing the upkeep by outfitting the apt with them. However, there are things I quite like about this apartment. The location is good... only a few blocks from the subway. It's not too far from my internship. And, minus the floors, the apartment is super cute.

I'm also loving this lava lamp... whoever invented these was a genius.
And Curtis the cat is particularly adorable, although no substitute for a puppy. However, he is currently hiding, for reasons I have yet to work out because he's been hanging out with me the last two nights. It's possible he's a.) camera shy or b.) upset that the other two roommates have left the premises for a while and is moping. 

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