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ikea rast dresser
i really didn't want to do it. outfit my first post-college apartment with the quintessential (or is it requisite?) ikea. i searched for a cheapish affordable dresser in my price range on craigslist and etsy, but nothing i found quite measured up the the shabby chic dresser i was envisioning for my bohemian boudoir. however, i eventually bowed to the fact that ikea had affordable items. and for a few extra dollars, i could transform it into something else. i'm happy to say, it only took me one day, one trip to the hardware store and a lot of paint/wood stain fumes to turn it into something i'm proud of. (even if it is relegated to my closet for now.)

finished product

all it took was some white spray paint, walnut stain and knobs from anthropologie that were on sale for 2.95 each! in my opinion, much better than the original.

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  1. wow, this is pretty awesome! Good job :)

    I love the handles, very retro


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