film is not dead

i just ordered jonathan canlas' FIND (film is not dead) ebook and i am so excited that i'll probably start reading it tonight. in fact, i'll probably end up reading all 96 pages of the pdf tonight before i start packing my stuff for my 6:30 am flight back to nyc. packing of stuff that was 80% of the reason i came home for a few days. not the best plan, i admit, but i'm going to commit to it nonetheless. right after i finish this homemade chocolate peanut butter tart and wine.

i've actually been so intoxicated by film lately that i only brought my diana f+ for this trip. therefore, i have to wait until i get that film developed to post any photos. it's unfortunate that this infatuation with film is coinciding with my first real foray into being broke. but not in a cute, sitcom canned laughter way like in 2 broke girls. c'est le vie though. the pictures just feel so much more authentic to me in a way. perhaps because you're not really sure what you've captured until the negatives are developed. i don't know if you can tell, but all the photos included in this post were taken on 35 mm. they're a few years old, but i love them all the same.


  1. Ebooks are so handy, I don't know how I lived before my ereader now.

    I love the photos too, its so much more fun using film than digital x

  2. Right? I'm so excited to get back into my film cameras.


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