faire du lèche-vitrine*

i know it's only mid-october, but i've been a bit of a wish list spree lately. partly, because some of my favorite websites are sponsoring giveaways in conjunction with the lists, but mostly because december is a big month for me. when i'm inevitably asked what i want for my birthday and christmas, i never know what to say. but this year, i'm starting the process early in order to make it easier on myself and my gift givers. and because it's fun to look at pretty things while keeping money in my bank account for silly important things like rent and groceries. 

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3. Rebecca Minkoff

*the title of this post is the french phrase for window shopping. translated literally, it means window licking. i love that. 

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  1. Ha, I love that it translates to window licking.. funny stuff x


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