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In the past week, I visited a store (found online here) in Greenwich Village that's entirely devoted to the art of lomography. Did I mention I've been twice? I am obsessed with the idea of buying one of their analog cameras; the Diana F+, but have some qualms about taking the plunge. There's an option of buying a kit, which includes a bunch of different lenses, a way to adapt it to 35 mm film and a shutter release for self portraits, AND the savings add up to about $150 versus slowly building up the collection over time. The woman who was helping me last night was super helpful and even offered to throw in some film and a camera bag if I bought the kit. Hard to walk away from, let me tell you. However, I'm struggling between wanting to have it all and save the money versus slowly adding to my joy over time as I learn the nuances of the camera. I think having it all at once may take away some of the joy and create anxiety with the need to learn how it all works.

I know I just got a new camera for graduation, so it seems silly to be obsessed with another camera again so soon, but I think my passion for film photography is helping cause this sensation. That, and I know they'd take completely different pictures. In case you don't know, the Diana F is a toy camera modeled after cheap cameras from years ago that they used to sell in gas stations for as little as $1. In the 90s, professional photographers started using them for the dreamy quality and quirky light leaks they produce. Thus, the demand and therefore price, skyrocketed. Production of the original stopped long ago, but the clones are beautiful. What do you think? Should I take the plunge or just covet from afar from the time being?

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  1. I know, right? There's a couple really cool designs.

  2. i have my eye on those too. saving up for it sounds like the smart thing to do. keep us posted.


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