there's a lot of things i've been ignoring around my apartment, including really decorating, because often the picture in my head is so much cooler than what i think i'll actually accomplish. ever the perfectionist (and by association, procrastinator), i've put the decorating thing off. however, i started a couple projects today, including ordering an appropriately sized bedspread for my grown up full. call it spring fever, if you wish, but these are the things on my immediate to do list for my next "weekend."*

[images 1 and 2 via a daily something]
3 and 4 via design*sponge]

*i work in a restaurant, so my "weekends" are monday/tuesday.

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  1. I'm the same way with decorating.. I'm so much of a perfectionist that I never get around to finishing anything, because when I do they never look as good as they did in my head

    how did the projects go?


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